Are you a morning or an evening person?

Mural in JLT

Studies suggest that being a morning person or an evening person may be built in our genes. Are you an early bird or more the night owl?

Before I moved to Dubai my brain started to work after ten o’clock and at least one cup of coffee. My husband is the opposite. When he wakes up and immediately starts to talk, I ask him politely to shut up. Not in the morning, first I need my breakfast. This scenario was in the evening the other way around. My sweet husband was lying sleepy on the couch begging me to come to bed, while I was still running around and active as a little child. But people can change and so do your own rules and habits. Therefore, I doubt this is determined by your genes.

When we came to Dubai I started to run. I didn’t have a job yet and I needed other goals in life. During winter it is easy to go outside and start running, so I tried to run around the three lakes in my neighborhood, which is approximately 6, 5 kilometers. Two months later I sent a happy voice message to a friend in the Netherlands. Goal achieved!

In the summer, during daytime, it is too warm to run outside. Out of necessity I now wake up around 6AM to do my morning run. Turns out I love this moment of the day. Even if it is already 40 degrees it has something peaceful when the sun rises up and says “Hello”.

Running around the biggest lake I pass an enormous colorful mural. This piece of street art with cubism-influenced images of Arab culture is painted by the Spanish artist Ruben Sanchez. The artist painted the scene in five days in 2015 and explains: “It’s supposed to be like a still life of a love story, this guy on a horse is playing the old trying to win the girl’s love, you know?”

Personally I feel the colors represent the diversity of people who live and work in JLT and the mix of cultures that I cross during my run. At the first lake I passed an older Indian couple, where the woman wears the sari and the man the sarong. When I arrive at the running track, halfway of my run, I see ahead of me a Chinese guy who is speed walking with loud music. On my left a tall Filipino starts practicing his moves on the basketball field. One kilometer later I wave to the Indian who is greeting the new day with the Surya Namaskar (the Sun Salutation).
On top of that there are the people from Pakistan, Bangladesh or India who are going to start or just finished their job. Their professions all have twelve hour duties. They clean the park, trim the trees or are responsible for the safety in the area. They are chatting with each other, smoking a cigarette, walking around or waiting for the bus to pick them up.

After 50 minutes of running, stretching and meditation I walk back to our apartment. By now Ronald is preparing breakfast for me and starts talking. I enjoy the conversation and our breakfast together. At the beginning I needed some discipline (read, go to bed early), but nowadays I have changed into a morning person.

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  1. I am definitely not a morning person nor can wake up early. Way to grumpy for the person I am :P.
    But reading about this post on your blog somewhere tells me to change a bit and make an effort to wake up early. So I guess you need to wait to hear from me if the change has happened.
    Until then I am going to sit back and read about your blogs!!
    Hiyaaa Linda!!

    XOXO Kaiz!

    1. Hi Kaizeen, when you will start early your day, let me know your experience. I would love to hear, and maybe we can share some tips :). Thank you for the compliment and speak to you soon. Regards from Linda

  2. I’m amazed by your English! Love to read about your adventures in Dubai. Hope I come visit you soon, but then we have to run at 1 am, because I’m definitely not a morning person. And in my particular case, that is determined by my genes… Cheers to Sproon.

    1. Thnx Joost! and always welcome :), looking forward to your visit.

  3. I am a morning and a evening person.
    I like the whole day, but it is a pity that the day is during only 24 hours!
    But Linda, for yourself, it is good that you have customized your lifestyle.

  4. Hi Linda! Wow I never realized you were the night owl! I was always a morning person. As a kid we were supposed to sleep by 9 and wake up early. Later on because of my profession as a teacher, I had to wake up early. So to be frank even I can’t say it’s genes, for me it’s has been a way of life. Narayan however is the night owl!

    1. hi Lalitha, Yess I was (and still a little bit ;-), but a lot of things have changed since I moved to Dubai. I will tell you all about it, next time when we meet. 🙂

  5. I am not a morning person, more an evening person. But it is good to hear that you enjoy your time in another way and learn how to deal with the weather and learn how to divide your life in another way, good luck

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