Rock with the Filipinos

At the first four months it was a challenge to find some places in Dubai where the music is more my style. I went to beautiful venues, beach clubs and places with an amazing view, but most of the time I didn’t dance because the music was not my style.

Next to this I needed time to get used to how people dress and act when they are going out. A famous Dutch phrase is “Act normal, that’s crazy enough”, meaning it isn’t necessary to show who you are by standing in front of the line. Personally I like it when people are different from the ordinary, distinguished from each other by being themselves. I don’t mean the large scale of people who are arrogant, screaming loud and proudly show that they have money. And at some places in Dubai people do.

The sobriety of my Dutch background had to level with the atmosphere of some places in Dubai. And after a while you get used to your new life, but at the beginning it wasn’t always easy. And there wasn’t good music. So, when Eddy (a Dutch friend of us with similar taste for music), asked us for Rocktoberfest I was very excited.

The festival was held at the Dubai Autodrome, and it was a whole day Festival with concerts from the Philippines finest Metal Band, a tattoo competition and a car show.

I entered the festival as the only white, tall woman and thought I was walking in Manilla* instead of Dubai. There was a great sphere. The music wasn’t starting, so we bought a beer and we walked to the car show. The cars were rust out with ghetto blasters, extra bumpers, and some of them were translated directly out of a movie. My personal favourite was the “Yellow Transformers Car”, this car already had won a lot of prices.

The first band on the stage was a local UAE band who played some covers from Nirvana and Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Slapshock, Greyhoundz and Queso are the sound of Filipino metal and when the sun went down, one of these headliners started with his gig. Metal is not really my thing, but I had an amazing evening because the crowd was not loudly but just themselves, and everyone was wearing casual clothes and jumping on their sneakers. Because of this festival I realized when you know better the way in Dubai you can find places or activities without the glitter and the glamour, but with real people and music lovers. And this was only the beginning of my journey.

Would you like to know more about places where there is live music? Check this page of the National.

*Manilla = Capital of the Philippines

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